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  • Caddie – A person who carries a players clubs. Assists a player on deciding distances and club selection. Helps player when deciding on the line of a putt.
  • Carry – The distance that the ball travels in the air after being struck.
  • Cart – Powered buggy used to transport golfer and equipment around the course.
  • Cart Fee – Buggy hire fee changed for use on the course.
  • Cart Path – Designated carriageways for carts. Sentiero per Cart.
  • Casual Water – Water on the course that is not a water hazard (such puddles after rain). Relief maybe taken when in casual water or if having to play over when on the green. Acqua occasionale.
  • Championship – Tournaments regulated by a golfing authority recognised by the R&A. Campionato
  • Cavity Backed – Design of irons with hollowed out back which assists Perimiter Weighting and thus good for beginners.
  • Chili Dip – When the top of the ball is struck by the bottom of the club, causing it to jump straight up and plonk back down.
  • Chip – Hitting the ball into the air with enough flight to land on the green and roll across the green towards the hole.
  • Chip and Run – A shot played like a chip over a greater distance.
  • Chip Shot – A chip with the application of some spin.
  • Chipping Iron – An iron used to chip the ball onto the green.
  • Choke – When a golfer looses his nerve and therefore plays an important or hard shot badly.
  • Chunk – When the club strikes the ground well behind the ball.
  • Cleek – Another name for a 2 iron.
  • Closed Face – Turning the club face slightly inward in order to hook the ball or prevent a slice. Faccia chiusa.
  • Closed Stance – Leading foot is nearer to the ball at address. Position normally adopted in order to hook the ball or prevent a slice.
  • Club – Used as a shorten name for a golf course or the equipment used to strike a ball. Golf Club, refer to the Rules for full specifications and restrictions. Bastone.
  • Club Face – That part of the club head which comes into direct contact with the ball. Faccia del bastone.
  • Club Head – The end of the club that includes the club face. Testa del bastone.
  • Club Loft – The angle of the club face – affects the flight and distance of the ball when struck.
  • Clubhouse – A golf club’s administration, recreational and facilities building.
  • Collar – The edge around a green or bunker.
  • Committee – Elected management of a golf club. Comitato.
  • Competition Scratch Score – The number shots used to recalculate handicap after a competition. The range is one below or three above the Standard Scratch. The CSS is calculated by using all the scores recorded in the competition.
  • Compression – The softness (Usually 90 compression) of a golf ball. Harder balls (100 compression) are normally used in windy conditions.
  • Consecutive Nine-Hole Scores – To combine the score of two nine holes rounds played consecutively within seven days to arrive at a score suitable for handicap adjustment.
  • Course – A golf course, made up of usually 9 or 18 holes, please refer to the rules for full definition and restrictions. Campo.
  • Course Handicap – A handicap awarded a player based the courses SSS or CSS when playing in a competition. Hcp del campo.
  • Course Handicap Conversion Chart – The stroke index of each hole on the course.
  • Course Handicap Table – The CSS used to recalculate your handicap.
  • Course Rating – Used by organisations to rate the degree of difficulty of a course.
  • Cup – The hole in the green into which the ball is eventually putted.
  • Cut – When a tournament’s field is reduced after each qualifying round. Striking the ball causing it to move from inside to out of your stance. Taglio.
  • Cut Shot – To put a backspin onto the ball when striking it onto the green causing to stop quicker on impact. Colpo tagliato.

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