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  • Deuce – To hole out in two strokes.
  • Dimple – The indentations on the surface of a golf ball which affects it’s flight characteristics.
  • Divot – A piece of turf lifted when ball is struck – typically on fairway, played to create backspin. Zolla.
  • Divot Fixer – Instrument to repair ball pitch marks made on the green where the ball landed. Alza pitch.
  • Dogleg – A hole where the fairway hooks to the left or right thus obscuring the green from the tee.
  • Dormie – Term given to describe the situation when a team cannot lose a match against the competition as the number holes remaining is the same as the current lead.
  • Double Bogey – Two shots over the hole par. Doppio bogey.
  • Double D – When a driver is used on the fairway after being used for the tee shot.
  • Double Eagle – Three shots under the hole par; also known as albatross.
  • Down – Number of stokes or holes you are behind your opponent. Sotto.
  • Downhill Lie – When the ball rests on a hill that goes down towards where you intend to strike the ball.
  • Downswing – The down-stroke part of a golfer’s swing.
  • Draw – To induce topspin onto the ball causing in to move from outside to in on your swing. Opposite is Fade.
  • Drive – A shot from the tee area.
  • Driver – A 1-Wood Club normally used for the Tee shot.
  • Driving Iron – A 1 or 2 iron which gives distance rather than height.
  • Driving Range – An area set aside for practice. Campo pratica.
  • Drop – Bringing the ball back into play after striking the last shot out of bounds or into a water hazard etc. The ball is released from an outstretched arm held at shoulder height.
  • Duck Hook – To induce to much topspin onto the ball causing in to move from outside to in on your swing. Normally caused by turning your body to quickly through your swing.
  • Dunk – When a ball lands in a water hazard.


  • Eagle – To score two under par for a hole.
  • Equitable Stroke Control Method – Stroke index of a hole on a course. Used in Stableford and match play competitions.
  • Etiquette – A set of guidelines to promote proper behaviour on the course. Etichetta.
  • Exact Handicap – A players handicap measured to the nearest 10th. Hcp esatto.
  • Executive Course – A golf course with mainly par 3 and comparatively short par 4 holes.
  • Explode – The material carried with the ball when it is hit out of a sand bunker.

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