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  • Hack or Hacker – A poor golfer. Modesto giocatore.
  • Halve A Hole – In match play, refers to a draw when both opponents take the same number of shots to complete the hole. Pareggiare la buca.
  • Halve A Match – In match play, refers to a draw when both opponents have won the same number holes in the round. Pareggiare la partita.
  • Handicap – The number of strokes a player is given to adjust his score to that of standard scratch. It allows golfers of different abilities to compete on equal terms.
  • Handicap Allowance – Your adjusted handicap depending on the type of competition you have entered.
  • Handicap Player – A golfer who has a recognised handicap awarded by a Golf Club.
  • Handicap System – A method of adjusting golfers’ scores to a baseline such that they can compete on equal terms.
  • Handicap-Stroke Hole – A hole where in match play an opponent receives a shot. It is determined by the stroke index of the hole.
  • Hanging lie – When the ball is resting on the upside of a slope.
  • Haskel – First incarnation of the modern golf balls with rubber straps wound around core encased in gutta percha – rendered Gutties obsolete
  • Hazard – Features on the golf course designed to obstruct play. Ostacolo.
  • Hcp – Handicap.
  • Head – The end of the club that includes the club face. Testa del bastone.
  • Heel – Where the club head is attached to the shaft.
  • Hit a Brick – To strike the ball on the green such that it does not roll past the cup.
  • Hit a House – see Hit a Brick
  • Hogans – A game where you have to achieve par by hitting the green in regulation, par the hole, having never hit the fairway.
  • Hole High – Means that the ball has landed on the green level with the hole as you are looking at it.
  • Hole In One – The ball goes straight into the hole from your tee shot. Buca in uno.
  • Hole Out – To putt the ball into the hole. Imbucare.
  • Holed – A ball which is putted into the hole. Imbucata.
  • Home – Getting the ball onto the green.
  • Home Pro – Resident professional at golf club. Maestro del circolo.
  • Honour – The honour goes to last player to win a hole or take the least number of shots. The player with the honour tees off first. Onore.
  • Hooded Club – Turning the club face slightly inward in order to hook the ball or prevent a slice.
  • Hook – To induce topspin onto the ball causing in to move from outside to in on your swing. Opposite is slice. Gancio.
  • Hustler – One who maintains an artifically high handicap in order to win bets. Ladro di handicap.


  • Impact – When the club strikes the ball. Impatto.
  • In – The last nine holes of an 18 hole course. Seconde nove.
  • In play – When the ball is within the playing area of the course. In gioco.
  • Inactive Season – That part of the golfing calendar where a player cannot use his scores to adjust his handicap.
  • Interlocking Grip – To hold the club such that the little finger of one hands is wrapped around the fore-finger of the other.
  • Investment Cast – To cast metal club heads from wax moulds.
  • Inward Half  – The last nine holes of an 18 hole course. Seconde nove.
  • Iron – A metal headed club that is not a wood. Ferro.


  • Kitty Litter – Colloquialism for sand bunker.
  • Knockdown Shot – A shot played low into the wind.

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