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  • OB – Acronym for Out of Bounds.
  • Observer – One who ensures that a golf match or round is played in accordance with the Rules of Golf. Osservatore.
  • Obstructions – Anything which is man-made that obstructs play. Ostruzioni.
  • Offset – The gap between the club shaft and the club face when held at address, looking from above.
  • On the Dance Floor – When the ball has stayed on the green.
  • Open – A tournament open to both amateurs and professionals.
  • Open Stance – At address the golfer stands with their front foot further from the ball line than their back foot. An open stance is used by a player when they want to fade or slice the ball.
  • Out – First nine holes on an eighteen hole golf course. Prime nove.
  • Out of Bounds – The area on or adjacent to the course where the ball may not be played from. Normally marked by white posts. Fuori limite.
  • Outside Agency – Any object or person that is not part of the current golf match, such as a spectator or observer. Agente esterno.
  • Outward Half  – The first 9 holes of an 18 hole course. Prime nove.
  • Over Clubbing – To use a club which gives more distance than intended. Giocare un bastone in più.
  • Over Par – A score higher than the indicated par for a hole or round. Sopra par.
  • Overlapping Grip – To hold the club such that the little finger of one hands is wrapped around the fore-finger of the other.


  • Pairings – Two player groups. Coppie.
  • Par – The number of shots a low handicapper should take for a hole or round. The hole par is measured by the number of shots needed to reach the green plus two for the putting. The round par is calculated by adding all the hole par’s together.
  • Partners – Players on the same side in the same group or match. Compagni di gioco.
  • Penalty Stroke – A stroke added to a player’s score due to a rule infringement, taking relief from a hazard or an unplayable lie. Colpo di penalità.
  • Perimeter Weighting – The weight of the club head is centred in the middle, thus increasing the sweet spot (an area of the club that when hit gives you the most distance).
  • Persimmon – Wood imported from the USA to make club heads for drivers. Legno di caco.
  • PGA – Professional Golfers Association.
  • Pin – The pole in the centre of the green with a flag attached. Asta.
  • Pin High – Means that the ball has landed on the green level with the hole as you are looking at it.
  • Pitch – To the ball is hit high into the air onto the green using a lofted club.
  • Pitch and Run – To pitch the ball onto the green using a club which enables the ball to roll on impact.
  • Pitch Mark – The indentation left by a ball on the green after it has landed.
  • Pitching Wedge – An iron with a club face angel of 48 to 50 degrees. Used to hit a high shot.
  • Pivot – The rotation of the body during a swing.
  • Playclub – Old fashioned club used for driving similar to today’s woods.
  • Playing Handicap – The handicap used in a competition. Hcp di gioco.
  • Playing Through – To allow golfers in the game behind play passed you while you stand to one side. Cedere il passo.
  • Plugged Ball – A ball that when it lands remains in it’s own pitch mark.
  • Plumb Bob – Holding the putter in a vertical position and using it as a sight to determine the Line of Putt.
  • Plus Handicap – The number of shots added to a golfers score at the end of their round.
  • Pop up – A high shot over a very short distance.
  • Pot bunker – A small yet deep sand bunker. Cratere.
  • Preferred Lie – Play in which a golfer may move his ball to the nearest point of relief not nearer the hole. When playing under winter rules, a player may replace their ball on the fairway within 6 inches of where it came to rest, not nearer the hole. Si piazza.
  • Press – Increasing an already agreed bet on the result of a match once it has started. Rilanciare.
  • Pro Shop – Shop at golf club where golfing equipment may be purchased.
  • Pro-Am – A tournament where a professional is partnered by an amateur.
  • Professional – One who receives monetary remuneration for playing golf. Professionista.
  • Provisional Ball – The playing of a second ball from the same place as the first because the player is unsure of what may have happened to the first ball (i.e. it may be lost). Palla provvisoria.
  • Pull – When the ball flies in an inward direction after being stuck. Not the same as draw/hook as these are shots affected by spin.
  • Pull Cart – A two wheeled device used to aid the carrying of a golf bag around the course. Carrello.
  • Punch Shot – Where the ball is struck on the down-stroke of a partial swing resulting in a short low shot; typically used to hit the ball out of rough or to keep the ball below the wind.
  • Push – When the ball flies in an outward direction after being stuck. Not the same as fade/slice as these are shots affected by spin.
  • Putt – Act of hitting golf ball on the green.
  • Putter – Club mainly used on green for striking the ball.
  • Putting Green – The area of short grass surrounding the hole way the ball is hit using a putter.


  • Qualifying School – The process of qualifying for PGA membership.
  • Quarter Shot – A shot hit with a significantly reduced swing. Mezzo colpo.
  • Quitting on the ball – Slowing your swing down before hitting the ball. Rallentare all’impatto.

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