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  • Face – That part of the club head which comes into direct contact with the ball. Faccia.
  • Fade – To induce backspin onto the ball causing it to travel through the air following inside to out swing. Opposite is Draw.
  • Fairway – The playing area between the tee and the green, does not include hazards.
  • Fairway Hit – Landing and stopping the ball on the fairway from the tee on holes greater than par 3.
  • Fat Shot – When the club strikes the ground well behind the ball. Flappa.
  • Featherie – Early golf balls with a core of compressed feathers inside a leather outer.
  • Field – The players in a tournament.
  • Flag Events – A player carries their flag until their net score has fallen behind the course using the hole stroke indexes. Gara alla bandiera.
  • Flagstick – The pole in the centre of the green with a flag attached. Asta.
  • Flange – The base of a club, the part that rests on the ground. Flangia.
  • Flex – The degree that a club’s shaft bends upon impact with the ball.
  • Flex Point – That part of a club’s shaft which bends the most.
  • Flier – When a ball travels further than expected when using a given club, sometimes happens when playing from the rough or off a slope.
  • Flight – A ball is in flight when travelling through the air. Volo di palla.
  • Follow-Through – That part of a golfer’s swing after the ball has been struck.
  • Fore – To cry “Fore” is to warn other players that your ball may hit them. Ooooop.
  • Forecaddie – One who directs golfers to their balls during competition.
  • Forged – A club where the head is made from one piece of light alloy/metal. A forged club gives a golfer more feeling when striking the ball. Forgiato.
  • Four Ball – Where two pairs of golfers play in matchplay against each other. Quattro palle la migliore.
  • Foursome – A group of four golfers playing only two balls. A pair of the players form a team and player alternate shots. The match can be scored as match play, stroke play or as a stapleford.
  • Fried Egg – When a ball remains in its own pitch mark when landing in a bunker. Uovo al tegamino.
  • Fringe – The short fringe surrounding the green which isolates it from the fairway.
  • Front Nine – The first nine holes of an 18 hole course. Prime nove.


  • Gallery – Spectators at a tournament or match. Pubblico.
  • Get Down – To putt the ball into the hole. Imbucare.
  • Get Legs  – A term used by golfers to encourge the ball to roll when they suspect it may stop short. Corri!.
  • GHIN – Golf Handicap Information Network.
  • Gimmie – When an opponent decides that it is not necessary to play the next shot, normally because you are close to the hole. Data!.
  • Go to School – To study the travel of a previous putt to ‘read’ the green.
  • Golf Association – An organisation recognised by the R&A that runs events and promotes golf within a region.
  • Gorilla – Someone who hits their tee shot a long way.
  • Grain – The angle at which the grass on the green lies. Playing against it or with it affects the speed of the ball when putting. Verso dell’erba.
  • Graphite – Carbon based material used to make shafts and clubheads. Grafite.
  • Grasscutter – A shot which travels low and fast just skimming the grass. Falcia-erba.
  • Green- The area of short grass surrounding the hole where the ball is hit using a putter.
  • Green Fee – The charge levied to play the course.
  • Green in Regulation – The number of shots you are expected to play before getting your ball onto the green. Always two shots less than the par of the hole.
  • Green Jacket – The mantle of honour given to the winner of the US Masters. Giacca verde.
  • Greenie – The getting of a par or better at a hole when the ball is got onto the green in regulation.
  • Grip – The part of the club which the golfer holds, typically made from leather, cord, rubber or a mixture of the three.
  • Groove – The indentations cut into the club face which cause the ball to spin. The description given to a good repeated swing.
  • Gross score – Your score over 18 holes before you reduce it by taking your handicap away. Risultato lordo.
  • Ground Under Repair – Areas of the course under repair. Balls may be removed from them without penalty. Terreno in riparazione.
  • Grounding the Club – To place the club on the ground prior to striking the ball when addressing it.
  • Gutta Percha – Rubbery material used to make golf balls after 1848.
  • Guttie – A golf ball made of gutta percha which rendered Featheries obsolete.

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