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  • Lag – When a golfer attempts to putt the ball near to the hole not caring whether it goes in or not.
  • Lateral Water Hazard – A water hazard which runs parallel to the fairway. Ostacolo d’acqua laterale.
  • Layout – The design of the course. Disegno del campo.
  • Lie – The position of the ball at rest.
  • Line – The intended trajectory of the golf ball. Linea.
  • Line of Play – The intended travel of the ball after it has been struck. Linea di gioco.
  • Line of Putt – The intended travel of the ball after it has been struck on the green. Linea del putt.
  • Links – Golf course within 4 miles of the coast.
  • Lip – The edge of the hole. Bordo della buca.
  • Lob Shot – A shot where the flies to maximum height and minimal distance, normally used to hit the ball from close range when trying to avoid an obstacle.
  • Local Rules – Additional rules pertaining to a given course. Regole locali.
  • Loft – The angle of the clubface in relation to the ground which dictates the trajectory of the ball as it rises in the air. 0 degrees loft is perpendicular to the ground.
  • Long Game – That part of a golfer’s game which involves hitting the ball over 180 yards. Gioco lungo.
  • Loose Impediments – Natural objects on the course which are not fixed into place such as stones. Impedimenti sciolti.
  • Lost Ball – Any ball which cannot be located once struck. Palla persa.
  • LPGA – Ladies Professional Golfer’s Association.


  • Majors – The most significant golf championships. In the men’s game these are:- The Masters, the U.S. Open, the British Open, and the PGA Championship. – see major championships in almanac.
  • Make the cut – To qualify for subsequent rounds in a tournament. Passare il taglio.
  • Mallet – A putter shaped like a mallet.
  • Marker – The person responsible for recording the score of a player (normally another player). Marcatore.
  • Marshall – One who controls the crowd during tournaments.
  • Mashie – Old fashioned hickory shafted iron varieties of which were similar to today’s 5,6 and 7 irons.
  • Match – A medal round or game of golf between opponents. Partita.
  • Match Play – Form of competition where each hole is won, lost or halved. The winner is whoever won the most holes. A winning score of 3 and 2 means that the winner won by 3 holes with 2 left to play. The highest score possible is 10 and 8.
  • Medal – A score play competition where all shots are recorded and the winner is the one who took the least number.
  • Medal Day – A calendar day during which you are entitled to play a medal round in a competition.
  • Medal Play – A score play competition where all shots are recorded and the winner is the one who took the least number.
  • Medalist – One who has the lowest tournament qualifying score.
  • Middle Wedge – A medal iron with loft between that of a pitching wedge and a sand wedge.
  • Mid-iron – Another name for a 2 iron.
  • Mixed foursome – Two teams of a male and female golfer playing alternate shots. Foursome misto.
  • Mulligan – When a player is allowed to reply any one shot pre hole.
  • Municipal Course – Golf course owned by local government and open to the public. Campo pubblico.


  • Narrow Fairway – A Fairway (the cut grass area between tee and green) that is only a few yards across. Fairway stretto.
  • Net Score – A player’s score after handicap deductions. Risultato netto.
  • Niblick – Another name for a 9 iron.
  • Nineteenth Hole – The clubhouse bar after playing 18 holes. Diciannovesima buca.
  • Non-Selective Perimeter Weighting – Equal weight over the toe and heel of the club head.

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