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  • Takeaway – When the clubhead is moved back from the ball at the start of a swing.
  • Tee – A small peg stuck into the ground on which a golf ball is placed. Also area where golfers play first stroke of any given hole.
  • Tee Marker – Boundary on the tee behind which a drive must be made. The ball must be placed onto the tee within two club lengths of the tee marker. Battitore.
  • Tee Time – Scheduled start time. Orario di partenza.
  • Teeing ground – Area from which players start each hole. Area di partenza.
  • Tempo – The speed of a golfer’s swing.
  • Temporary green – A green used when the normal green is under repair or when the club wish to preserve the permanent green. Green provvisorio.
  • Tending the Flag – To hold the flagstick such that a player may aim for it and then remove it as the balls approaches. Custodire la bandiera.
  • Texas wedge – Name given to putter when used anywhere other than the green.
  • Thin Shot – To strike the ball above it’s centre causing it to skip and bounce along the ground rather than rise through the air. Toppata.
  • Thread – To coax the ball through a tight gap.
  • Three ball – A group of three golfers playing their own ball. Flight da tre.
  • Three Jack – To three putt a green.
  • Threesome – A group of three golfers.
  • Through the Green – Any part of the course which is not ‘out of bounds’ except the tees, greens and hazards.
  • Tiger tee – The tees used in a pro competition.
  • Tight fairway – A Fairway (the cut grass area between tee and green) that is only a few yards across. Fairway stretto.
  • Tip – Instruction on how a ball should be played. Only partners and caddies may be consulted without penalty. Consiglio.
  • Toe – That part of the club head at the opposite end to the heel.
  • Top – To strike the ball above it’s centre causing it to skip and bounce along the ground rather than rise through the air. Toppare.
  • Torque – How far a shaft twists during a swing.
  • Tour – A series of tournaments over a season.
  • Tournament – An organised competition for both amateurs and professionals.
  • Tournament Score – Your gross score for each round added together.
  • Track iron – Old fashioned club with metal head used to lift balls from tracks and carriageways.
  • Trap – Sand or grass hazard. Trappola.
  • Trolley – A two wheeled device used to aid the carrying of a golf bag around the course. Carrello.
  • Trouble shot – Having to play a ball that is in deep rough, behind on object (such as a bush or tree) or from a bad lie. Colpo complicato.
  • Turn – The midway point on a golf course, the end of the 9th hole. Giro di boa.
  • Two Piece Ball – A ball made from a core of rubber, metal or other wrapped in strands of rubber encased in a surlyn or balata shell.
  • Twosome – A group of two golfers. Coppia.


  • Waggle – The movement of the club head as the golfer prepares to swing.
  • Water Hazard – Ponds, lakes, rivers or ditches on the course, always marked by yellow or blue posts. Ostacolo d’acqua.
  • Water hole – A hole where the approach necessitates hitting the ball over a water hazard. Buca con acqua.
  • Wedge – A metal club designed to give loft rather than distance. Used for high shots into the green.
  • Whiff  – Missing the ball during a swing. Colpo a vuoto.
  • Whins – Heavy Rough.
  • Whipping – The straps used to re-inforce the join between the club head and shaft.
  • Whippy – A shaft with greater than normal flex.
  • Winter Green – A temporary green used in winter to protect the permanent green. Green invernale.
  • Winter Rules – Local rules which apply during the winter season only. Regole invernali.
  • Wood – Clubs used for long range shots. Traditionally made with wooden head they are now mostly made with metal alloy heads. Legno.
  • Woodie – When the ball hits any part of a tree and the golfer still completes the hole with a par.
  • Worm Burner – A shot which rolls along the ground. Rattone.
  • Wrong Ball – Any ball which a golfer plays that is not the ball they began the hole with or which was brought into play after losing their original. Palla sbagliata.


  • Yardage Chart – A printed card detailing the layout and yardage of each hole on the course. Mappetta.
  • Yardage Rating – The stroke index of the hole, Index 18 being the easiest on the course, 1 the most difficult. Indice di difficoltà.
  • Yips – To miss simple putts because of nerves.

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